Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lost…aren’t we all? (Part 1)

I’ve been missing in action for more than a month now. I guess I am living up to my "occupation"--CONSTIPATED writer.

As much as I love to write something all the time, I do not really finish the things I write about. I must have more than ten opening paragraphs for ten different pieces saved in my “canvas” folder. Then again, I have scraps of papers with paragraphs that make sense which are just piling up in a corner inside my room. They are all waiting to be concluded someday soon.

I dream of the time when I will be able to close the doors I’ve opened through my unfinished works.

Then comes this piece which I hope to finish before I once again lose my literary chi.

* * *

After eight months of being away from Los Baños, I was able to return to my home away from home with minimal trouble. Thanks to vacation leaves!

I assigned myself to reunite with my berx at the same time when naked men were scheduled to run around the UPLB campus. Just as expected, the berx I was referring to were reduced to one, hence a berk (and I shall refer to her as “Berk” from hereon.)

I arrived in good ‘ol Humanities building ahead of Berk. She was caught in traffic somewhere in the slim streets of Laguna. There’s less nostalgia hanging out at what used to be my playground. And the excitement ebbed when it sank in that UPLB is no longer that much of a home for me--a sad realization but I should move on with my life (and my home) some time, right?

First I thought it was a lost cause. Seeing very few people in the Humanities doesn’t really shout, “featuring: naked guys today.” And then the APO motorcade worked its magnetic powers, pulling everyone in the campus towards one focal point. And, before THE EVENT commenced, Berk successfully located me and, together, we watched men in their birthday suits spell out, “GISING ISKO’T ISKA.”

Then, again, we don’t need nude people to wake us up from the lives we are lost into do we?

Instead of roaming around the campus, I opted to explore uncharted territories--well, sort of. After all, it’s been 10 years since I last saw IRRI. Berk was a gracious hostess to her otherwise ex-queendom. Our pictures will tell how much fun we had although I’m afraid I can’t show them all.

(First part ends here. Obviously, my literary chi has once again drifted away.)