Sunday, January 31, 2010

ON ROMANY SEDONA, the blogger who won an award by using ME as her subject

I wish there were no truth to what I wrote a year ago about how smokers are destructive not only to themselves but to others and the environment. I wish I were some "self-righteous little tyrant" gone mad because I am blind to the beauty and sensuality of smoking. I can only wish…

So that I can stop feeling sorry for the clouded mini-mind of ROMANY SEDONA who so boldly referred to me as a “bitch” and an “asshole”—among others—in her quest to debunk my exposition which the Philippine Daily Inquirer found legit enough to publish.

I can only wish ROMANY good health as she is confined in her self-absorbed “hedonistic” indulgence—as she may call it—trying to escape poignant facts of life, moments of mental cacophony which ultimately challenges our humanity, hiding behind her sticks of cigarette and her fallacious comparisons to chado, yoga and other wellness practices, and her, well, flair for imagery.

I can only wish her long life, to the girl who condemns me for allegedly wishing her kind, death whereas she’s all for risking “10 minutes or so” (How many 10 minutes in a year? I do not know.) of her life inhaling what she believes is euphoric oxygen which, if she were paying attention to her science classes, is scientifically DECLARED as carbon monoxide—a chemical compound known to prevent blood from carrying oxygen to the lungs…now we don’t need a textbook for that.

I wish Romany clarity of mind albeit the smoke she inhales so that she can stay firm and can stand by her choice, her so-called freedom of expression, and not to be touchy with the idea of smokers like herself drowning in their own smoke in a gas chamber I am proposing just to paint a vivid picture of the harmful effects of smoking especially to smokers. After all, Romany herself admits that “there is nothing healthy about smoking” but since, as she says, we live “in a world where you can die at a moment’s notice from anyone of a million different reasons, vectors and causes” she’ll vouch moments of pleasure with that health-hazard tool that reminds her to take “long deep breaths and luxurious exhalations.”

I wish Romany more years of being “gainfully employed” so she can sustain the advance university degree which she clearly needs. Because after all, a learned—writer or no writer—knows how to choose her words and ROMANY SEDONA, obviously has problems with choosing hers.

To end, I wish to tell ROMANY that the subject of her award-winning blog entry, the blog entry which the Philippine Blog Awards seemed to affirm as something outstanding, powerful, and of a quality that is “unforgettable to its readers and the whole blogging community”—the subject of her “winning” blog entry which was hastily misjudged, misquoted and maligned is no where near being LITTLE.

Mary Tyrene L. Delgado, an environmentalist in her own way, is bigger than who she really is because she knows how to care not only for herself but for the GREAT MAJORITY.

The subject of ROMANY's spite knows how to step back and see the bigger picture, to speak in general and then set aside vagueness by going through details—proofs that she FULLY UNDERSTANDS what she is talking about.

Most of all, Mary Tyrene L. Delgado, the character who won ROMANY her award, is non-tyrant, non-bitchy and non-asshole-y enough NOT to call anyone names in exposing FACTS in her Youngblood article, which I guess, primarily flared up the poor 20-year-old smoker named ROMANY SEDONA.