Saturday, July 30, 2011

sg times three

This time, I wanted to be with the girls so very hug them and just spend time with them. There is something refreshing about them. Their presence seems to be telling me that the future is worth looking forward to--this is a big thing especially for a self-confessed repressed pessimist like myself.

Nowadays, they are my dose of happy...the dose of happy that matter. Because other than my two nieces I have my shoes. (Now you get the picture?)

* * *

The first trip to SG was all about finding out what's out there for me. The trip ended up where it should have started, the search for me, for what I really wanted me to be.

The 2nd SG trip was better. It was to spend time with my brothers and sister, and maybe with our special angel up there, too.

SG for the third time around is about looking forward. And finding a more meaningful reason to smile when, well, life gets lonely.