Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Psycho Series

i can't let psycho win even if the thought of psycho pushes me off-track. ruins my day. ruins my day.

once again, i look the way i feel...crappy! of course i blame psycho for this. but this has got to stop! because it's not good for me. i can't let psycho win.

there are somethings one just can't run away from--that includes "psycho." i'll just think of this as a test of character. psycho is the obstacle.

I'm calling her "psycho" and I swear I will never talk to her until she realizes how much of a psycho she's been. nasty, nasty, psycho. tsk tsk.

nasty. really nasty! I just wish I'd NEVER inherit that nasty gene! Tsk tsk.

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