Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane

The world can continue revolving without me.

And even if it does revolve with me in it, no one needs to notice that I am taking up space. And that I am doing everything I can to make myself matter--to make my existence mean something.

I am not requiring the universe to see me. I am resolved to accomplish things from my little corner. I need no praise from anyone. I just need me to smile. I just need to know that I was able to do what I expected myself to do.

I do not ask much from the universe. I do not ask for security, love or happiness. I do not ask for rewards.

But today, it seems, so many is being asked of me....

Something is wrong. Because this time, I notice. This time, I get to feel the universe' demands. Ripping me so I can serve what it is requiring from me.

The universe used to be a cellophane. I used to look right through it and walk right by it.

But today it hits me in the head.

I can choose to be a cellophane but the universe...choose otherwise.

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