Thursday, January 13, 2011

My 2010 in photos. Consider this my year-ender :-)

I am supposed to pick one photo which best displays the highlight of my months for 2010 but it was an impossible task so I have these...


Writers' wig party. Yes, we are busy people but we did make time for this. And seeing ourselves sporting different hairstyles was fun and funny!

School supplies for the kids! :-) Finally, the art supplies for the brave bunch of kids in PCMC are complete! (The only problem was when to wrap and distribute the gifts.)


Writers' workshop--a workshop which required us to do what we do everyday. That is, less the swimming! Somehow, I did enjoy the pseudo break.


Jason Castro at Market! Market! Just as Jo and I promised ourselves, we will go see Jason Castro in person when he visits the country. And so, we did. And we shook his hand, too! yey!

The Article for Nichi. Tita Lani gave me a framed copy. :-) It's the article I wrote while crying or was it "cried while writing?"


EB + PLDT in Pampanga (and Cavite). The first remote show(s) which kept me awake, more than 24 hours in fact.

Jollibee! Who would have thought that I will have to babysit Jollibee one day? Ahh...super sweet!


Wings shoot. So here's another reason for my sleep deprivation in 2010.


30 and proud! I spent my 30th birthday doing what I love to do.

P-Noy Henyo! It's the inauguration of the country's 15th president who is often referred to as, "P-Noy." I went a bit nationalistic and wore my Filipino Heroes shirt while on the Pinoy Henyo set.

The trio's down to two. Another sibling leaves for SG. And we all hoped that all will be well especially for the one who flew.


31st year. It was an honor being around for the 30th anniversary and even more for the 31st.

Charice! Just when you thought you wouldn't get starstruck, you did. Well, sort of.


Tanduay Ice. First time that I downed 2 bottles of any alcoholic drink. Can't remember if I went for a third, though. But I wasn't drunk.

Jowa. Nagka-jowa ako. Haha! And I discovered that people do visit my FB account!


Ulam na panalo with Ajinomoto. Let's just say that the experience was satisfying!

Early Christmas. Finally found the time to distribute the gifts for a bunch of well deserving kids!


We three. Spend some quality time with my brothers.


Trip to SG. Perhaps this is one of the best trips of my life. The people I'm with had a lot to do with it.


Family picture. A rare moment to get an almost complete family picture taken. I'm happy with this.

Icing on top of the 2010 cake. On top of all the blessings for 2010, I won during the Christmas party raffle!

Indeed, 2010 was a blessing!

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