Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ate

Written some time in 1st quarter of 2006

Sometimes I wish my sister were here so that…

…there’d be someone to unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) remind me how unwomanly I am.

…I’d have someone to draw me closer to baking and to God. (Not necessarily in that order)

…I’d have someone to meet at Makati after work.

…I’d know what’s up with corporate fashion.

…I wouldn’t have to pay the cab when coming home from the supermarket.

...I’d have someone to tag along with me for haircuts at “Torre ni David.” (Or is it the other way around?)

…I’ll receive calls on my cellphone every now and then. (She used to be my #1 caller)

…I would get away with being weak while she stays strong.

…I’d have an emergency supply of clothes.

…I’d have someone to run to when the world is conspiring against me.

…I’d be spared from acting like the eldest sister.

…I wouldn’t have to go shopping on my own.

…I would have someone to consult XX chromosome-related problems.

…I wouldn’t have to clean our bedroom by myself. (Wait, I used to do that when she was here!)

…I wouldn’t have to regulate which stories I could tell here which not to just because she’s not around.

…there’d be someone to laugh at my occasional bursts of exaggerated, spontaneous monologues.

…I wouldn’t have to imagine her facial expression while reading this.

***I’ll see you in a few days, Ate! Otanjoobi omedetoo! (Parang wrong language yun ah!)


My dear sister - tye,

Thanks for your greeting.. I may have read this only now but still I am deeply touched by how much you missed me. I missed you too - my bestfriend and shopping mate.. My one week vacation there made it worse. I missed you more!

Funny as it seems, nakarma ata si ate win. I am cleaning my own room now as in every week! Ganon ba talaga kabilis dumumi ang kwarto? ;)

Looks like I have no choice.. it is really hard to be away from family. Problem is even if I am working hard and feeling homesick, it doesnt show. Paano ba ako papayat? Here I am again, "thinking aloud".

Just remember we will always be sisters khet pa married na ako. You can always call me.. you know I am always here for you. I pray nothing will change between us.

I love you sis..
See you soon sis!

Ate Win
Posted by: Win and Wah | May 24, 2006 08:55 AM

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