Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Technology Can Do To You

Let’s see if I can come up with anything in front of a laptop. You decide if technology inspired me or frightened me…


There is something about being an adult that seems to suck most of the time. Others view it as a privilege—a big chunk of the so-called freedom we gain as soon as we hit our twenties with a diploma at hand. It is called “decision making.”

With the most recent turnover of events in my life, even I cannot deny that I have been exercising my freedom in a less than wise, probably even rational way. Apparently, I don’t have to become president to commit a series of blatant and embarrassing lapse in judgment.

And my mistakes don’t come in handy especially in a time when I am out to prove that I am taking my life seriously, that I am in charge, and that I am finally trying to grow up.

No irony there. I was never really a celebrated achiever. I come close to my hastily established goals and unconsciously (I hope not consciously) shy away from them more than once. Destiny seems to conspire against my efforts to change—to achieve something good, for a change. To make the people that matter to me proud.

I am trying to work my way out of my self-inflicted troubles. Until then, I’ll have to refrain from deciding on anything big or small, otherwise I might see myself in a deep and irreparable pit. (Doesn’t that word rhyme with sh_t? Funny. Both words would have completed the sentence.)

Maybe decision-making doesn’t really suck. It just so happened that I especially suck at it.

* * *

Here’s a thought. Sometimes I wish that I become a complete nobody—someone who almost do not exist to all. That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to matter.

* * *

If life is a joke, I am probably life.

Here’s my life in a form of a joke. I didn’t even have to pay anything or anyone to read it. It came for free from Libre's May 9, 2006 issue.


LOVE: Sigurista ka masyado kaya wa ka pang syota.

MONEY: Mas maliit ibibigay sa iyo kesa ipinangako.

CAREER: Basta handa among saluhin, ipapasa sa iyo.

I swear, the one who made this stuff is better than any seer history has ever recognized. My horoscope has never been funny and accurate before this.

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