Thursday, July 27, 2006

Alone and Unwinding the Road

I went bowling alone yesterday. Yep, I had one lane all to myself! That and the 20 balls for one game. I’m getting good at doing things by myself nowadays. Proof that I have been withdrawing from the company of people. Not very hard to do when the people you count on to be there are always umm, uh inaccessible. (Why do I talk in fragments?)

It’s either they are doing something else, shocked from the very short notice, suffering an economic slump of sorts, not interested—all those crap I’m tired of hearing from friends. It makes me wonder if I really lack the ability and patience to understand them or if I simply need to start screening and hiring a new set of friends—those who can be there. (Do I sound hurt enough? Will the people concerned hear my “sound”?)

I refuse to believe that my so-called friends are avoiding me. Why should they? I am a walking form of entertainment. The way things are going in our country, even laughter is a commodity. I am confident that I can provide laughs for free without anyone having to get drunk. Way to go! Three units of advertising class and this is how I sell myself. I must have reeeallly learned something from THAT instructor! (God bless her!)

Anyway, doing things on my own is better than postponing my impulsively planned activities for , Oh I don’t know, days, weeks, months—depending on when I am going to be able to drag someone free and willing. (I have to say something inside a parenthesis. This is it.)

The thing is I’d rather do things by myself than wait. Because I know for an almost fact that GODOT, more often than not, does not come. (Fragment intended)


who was that instructor?! just curious! haha!
Posted by: Jea | July 28, 2006 05:05 AM

Haha. Jea, I bet hindi mo rin sya nalilimutan! Sabay sabay nating sambitin ng dalawang beses ang syllable...
Posted by: Tyrene | July 28, 2006 04:35 PM

Anong syllable??? Ano nga ba name ng instructor na yun? I seem to have suffered an amnesia after reading Tye's blog. Being alone is not equivalent to being lonely... HOY TYE!!! NANDITO LANG AKO!!! Nanggugulo sa mundo ng ibang tao. HaHaHa!
Posted by: Badger Addict | August 5, 2006 05:55 AM

hala tye,
laganap na ang alone-ness syndrome. yan din ang trips ko ngayon, ayoko na ng masyadong human contact. alone manood ng sine, kumain ng sushi, alone din mag yosi sa park, alone, alone, alone.
the weird thing is, i like it.
Posted by: Nikka | August 5, 2006 08:09 AM

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