Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nichi Needs Your Prayers More Than Ever

I really honestly don't know how to feel, or think having been broken the news about my youngest brother Nichi. All I know is that I have to keep a happy face when I'm around him. Just as my Dad and the rest of my family, I love Nichi so much and I pray that he gets through this.

Please... you've all helped us before. Please continue to help us now as we pray that Nichi will live his dreams of finishing his studies, becoming an artista or a chef or a doctor, or whatever he chooses to be, having a family of his own, and achieving everything he hopes to conquer in the future.

All your support were once a miracle to us. Help us make another one.

Tyrene Delgado

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Feb. 23, 2007

Nichi was admitted at the Phil Children’s Medical Center last Monday, Feb 19 for the scheduled BMA (bone marrow aspiration) and lumbar tap (triple intrathecal) and CSF (cerebro spinal fluid) cell count. Nichi’s CSF cell count last December 2006 was 1, last Monday it was 329. His BMA last November 2006 was normal—now it has blasts cells. The supposedly overnight stay in the hospital was extended to 3 days. Nichi was given intravenous chemotherapy (vincristine, doxorubicin, cyclo). The attending physician said Nichi had another relapse and this time the term is “end stage.”

We all know everybody is going to die—it is an accepted fact. But knowing how a loved one is going to die—the excruciating pains he still has to endure in the face of death tears my heart into bits of pieces.

Please join me and my family in praying for Nichi that he may be saved from this dreadful disease. PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR FRIENDS’ FRIENDS’ FRIENDS’ so they can join us in praying to the GOD ALMIGHTY to spare JOSEPH NICHOLE “Nichi’ DELGADO’s life. Praying together can make this happen. Nichi is just a 12 year old kid—jolly, kind, religious, friendly and intelligent—he has all the right to stay in this world for the longest time.

Let us all be a part of a miracle.

Thank you very much.


willie delgado

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