Monday, February 11, 2008

An Ear-y Thought

Did you know that we can hurt our ear by over-cleaning it?

Apparently that’s what I am guilty of and now my left ear falls victim. I have to administer two drops of the prescribed antibacterial solution to my ear twice a day, which freaks me out. Imagine placing your ear directly below the shower. Ewww…

Plus, I’m banned from cleaning my ear for the next five days.

The doctor said, when my ear’s back to normal, I should limit cleaning either of them only once a week. A daily habit of cleaning one’s ear is a medically a no-no.

Then Kate, who fed me a really satisfying dinner tonight, said that it’s bad to clean one’s ears after taking a bath. Since our ears are wet after bathing, the skin inside our ears is extra sensitive even to the softest cotton buds we use. Bara-bing! That’s a strike two for my ear and me!

The doctor said I shouldn’t worry. After all, my eardrums are fine.

He should say that when I’m free of the stinging feeling that haunts my ear every now and then!

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