Friday, September 18, 2009

The Adventure of Sister Tyrene

"She is 'Sister Tyrene'. She is boring." This is how Direk Poochie introduced me to Bossing.

Finally the man whom I have watched on TV, and even on the silver screen, has found the time to acknowledge my presence. But I was too preoccupied with Direk Poochie's introduction to absorb the fact that, finally, Philippine TV's Bossing knows of my existence, amidst me crossing paths with him inside the studio for the last five months.

"She is Sister Tyrene. She is boring." I could not let the words go. Since when did I become boring? So boring that someone--with power, at that--will verbalize the supposed boredom I allgedly radiate. Never mind the "sister." Where I previously worked, I was called "saint." "Sister"demotes me to being human. I rather prefer sisterhood than sainthood.

And so I dare ask again, "since when did I become boring?"

* * *

A photo to document that night, that encounter:

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