Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Letter From My Dad

I don't think I've ever posted a paragraph here in my blog that wasn't mine. But this time I'll make an exception because my Dad said it well--our thanks for all the help we received for Nichi.

Nichi was supposed to resume his chemotherapy last Dec 20 and should finish the whole protocol which will run for 107 weeks. I requested that MRI be done first as required by the neurologist. I was afraid because something might go wrong and I don’t want my son to spend Christmas at the hospital. Before Nichi’s discharge from confinement in September last year the hematologist informed me of his condition. He said my son will have more infections, will have anemia and will fall into a coma. Once comatosed, pain killers and sedatives will be administered and then we’ll just have to wait. I kept this information to myself. I thought telling my family about this will do us no good. After discharge from the hospital Nichi was so weak he had difficulty walking. From a sitting position he cannot stand up and vice versa. He lost his appetite and throws up whenever he tried to eat solid food.
The result of the bone marrow aspiration (BMA) done in November was normal. The result of the test of the cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) was also normal (cystospin done 3 months before was negative for blast cells). CBC results were okay.
The neurologist interpreted the result of the MRI. She said there is no sign of leukemic cells in the brain. This confirms the results of the cytospin and CSF. There is also no sign of stroke. She, however, noticed an atrophy (portion of Nichi’s brain shrank). She said it is a mild volume loss which can be attributed to continuous and/or frequent use of steroids, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is irreversible and the effects may show not now but probably in the future. The neurologist commented that she sees no reason why Nichi will have to go through the whole protocol unless it is really necessary. She said he probably be on maintenance to avoid having a relapse. The neurologist is switching Nichi’s anti-seizure drug dilantin capsules to trileptal tablets as a result of a low phenytoin assay. Luckily, Nichi had had no seizure since it first occurred in September.
The hematologist read the letter from the neurologist apprising him of Nichi’s MRI result. He checked up Nichi and went over the results of the BMA, CSF, and CBC. He told Nichi “gumagaling ka ah!” Having heard this Nichi flashed a smile in his eyes. The hematologist then said he wants to see Nichi again next month. I asked what are we going to do now and his reply was “nothing.” He said to bring Nichi back to him next month.

Today, Nichi is back on his being himself again—full of energy, makulit, masayahin, talkative, masarap kumain, etc. God willing, he will be on his way to full recovery. He really looks forward to going back to school this June. I thank God Almighty for hearing our prayers, for touching the lives of people we know, people we do not know, people we have not even met for their continuous support and prayers, for their concern and for their being part of Nichi’s life.
I really appreciate what you have done for me, my family and Nichi. I will say it again and again and again thank you very very much. It is you who made me strong, who made us strong. It is you who made Nichi strong and became his inspiration to live. Thank you, thank you very much. I want you to know that you and your loved ones are included in my and my family’s daily prayers. May God bless you a hundred fold for you kindness.
--Willie Delgado

If it is not too much, though, I will still solicit your prayers because just a few days after I've sent out this message, another situation has arised. We need further prayers this time around so that Nichi will experience the normal life he has always deserved.

Thank you very much.


I will include him in my prayers. As a parent myself, I can emphatize with you & your family. Best of luck & may Nichi get well soon.
Love & prayers,
Ang kulit ng retro look nyo ha! Hehehehe!
Posted by: Franessa | January 24, 2007 08:54 PM

Neki, It's good to hear from you. Thank you for your Love and Prayers. :-)
Posted by: Tyrene | January 26, 2007 05:54 PM

and my tears always start to fall whenever i read something about your brother...
yes, we will keep on praying.
just stay strong, tye. our nichi has demonstrated unparalleled strength already, now he needs to see you do the same thing.
*artistahin ang loloh mo! hahaha! i'm glad i was there to witness his kakulitan during ate windale and kuya warren's reception.
God bless you and your family.
Posted by: Faith | January 30, 2007 03:33 PM

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