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Once again, I am posting another of my Dad's letters. It is regarding the situation which just arised--the one I was referring to in my last post.

I, the supossed writer, have lost my words where this news about my brother, Nichi is concerned. Needless to say, I'll just let my Dad talk.

My son Nichi has recovered. His bone marrow is normal, his cerebro-spinal fluid is normal, his CBC is normal and the result of the MRI showed no sign of leukemic cells in his brain. This happened because we pray together so that the Almighty God will help Nichi heal from his 5-year bout with leukemia. We are very thankful for all of you for your support, concern and prayers.

Nichi’s battle with the big C is, however, far from over. He accidentally struck his left eye with his finger and it reddened. The ophthalmologist said there is vitreous hemorrhage in the eye and will just observe it because it can heal by itself. By third week of this month Nichi complained of blurring of vision of the left eye. I brought him back to the ophthalmologist and after eye examinations referred us to another ophthalmologist who is a retina specialist. He did his own eye examinations and his findings are as follows:

“Examination of the left eye revealed visual acuity of Finger Counting at 2 feet peripherally. Examination revealed a large inferior exudative retinal detachment with subretinal lipid and turbid fluid as well as focal areas of subretinal and retinal hemorrhages. There is likewise note of some areas of breakthrough vitreous hemorrhage and vessel tortuosity. I am suspecting direct leukemic infiltration of the posterior pole of the eye based on the above findings. Although exudative retinal detachments are not the most common ocular manifestations of ALL, the clinical picture suggests so. The only other thing that we must rule out is the possibility of opportunistic posteror pole infections such as CMV renitis, toxoplasmosis or fungal infections.”

When Nichi heard the leukemic infiltration, I saw tears from his eyes ran down his cheeks. I hugged him and assured him that there is nothing to worry about. I told him it is just one of the suspected causes of his blurring vision. He then calmed down.

The ophthalmologist suggests a vitreous biopsy to determine leukemic infiltration and if found positive expose the left eye to radiation. He, however, said that we have to consult first with the hematologist. I brought the matter to the hematologist and he agrees with the retina specialist of his findings. He also said that he will not subject the left eye to radiation for it will render it blind. The leukemic cells, he added, may disappear or may progress and at worse affect the other eye. According to him there are 3 parts of the body where leukemic cells find refuge: the brain, the eyes and the testicles. These are the parts of the body which cannot be reached by chemotherapy.

Next month Nichi will undergo another bone marrow aspiration and lumbar puncture. I hope and pray that the results will be normal.

Nichi is a nice 12-year old kid, happy, playful, kind, intelligent, God fearing and God loving. I believe he has all the right to stay in this world for the longest time. It is in this regard that I now seek your help to pray for Nichi—pray with us for Nichi so that he can have all the courage he needs to hurdle this trial in his life. Please continue to pray with us so it will be heard in the heavens up high. God heard us many times before. I strongly believe that He will hear us again this time—for JOSEPH NICHOLE “NICHI” L. DELGADO.

Thank you very much.

Willie Delgado


okay... now i'm really crying...
prayers. i could only send you my prayers.
ilakad natin kay mama mary saka st.jude--- God has plans for Nichi!
keep us posted.
regards to tito willy.
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