Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Drops by So Quick

There’s been positive response for the Happy Kids 2 project (or movement—I really don’t know how to call it). Despite the short-notice, a few people I emailed have already expressed their intentions to help. Yey!

A friend has collected P220 from her friends from work and says there’s still some more to come. We already have 150 small Hunchback of Notre Dame activity books to pack with the main gift. And someone just told me she’s willing to donate pencils (which will definitely go well with the activity books).

Last Sunday, an angel came by and shared P2,000. Now I am confident we can get the books we plan to give away! (I admit to being skeptical at first especially since the fund-raising seems to be at the last minute, and the books we are aiming to purchase are worth P65 each. Then again, I relied on faith.)

This morning, I received a text message from one of the people from OMF Literature. Incidentally her name is Gracia. She just delivered good news! Dr. Luis Gatmaitan, otherwise known as Tito Dok and is the author of the books we intend to give out, requested that the publishing house extend the discount they were previously giving us. So now we’ll be getting the books 10% lower than the initial discounted price! (I am not sure if I am allowed to disclose how much we will be purchasing their products given all the deductions.)

I have personally exchanged emails with Tito Dok and he is very supportive of our cause. He is actually the one who gave Gracia my contact details. As it turns out, Tito Dok and our family share something in common—we lost a loved one due to leukemia. Tito dok also happens to be a pediatrician so he naturally has a soft spot for children.

I didn’t really know about Tito Dok until last year when I attended a workshop on writing and illustrating for children’s books at UP Diliman. Tito Dok was there. And he has this line of books that talks about health and the human body from a child’s point-of-view. I think these books will help children understand their bodies more without intimidating them. Somehow, our target beneficiaries will feel power over their bodies when they get to read Tito Dok’s books.

The books are attractive, too. Their glossy pages come in full color and with interesting illustrations. On the other hand, the stories are printed in both English and Filipino. That’s two languages in one book! An added value for the kids.

The books below will comprise our future Christmas blessings for the kids:

Hurrah! Christmas is here!

If you wish to know more about OMF Literature’s list of books, you can visit their website at http://www.omflit.com/home/index.php

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