Saturday, December 20, 2008

Project: Brave Kids Christmas Party

Where: at the Riverbanks Center at Marikina
When: 19 December 2008, 1PM-ish

It was rather more simple than last year's party but was more intimate (if that may be the right term.) The stars for the day were the brave kids and their family.

I wish to share some moments:

During the Mass


Three faces in progress

Little Girl

Spiderman Fan

His Three Stars and a Sun



The Group Pic

All photos other than His Three Stars and a Sun, Audience and Tools were taken by my brother, Jowin. The three that I mentioned were all by me.

You can check out the complete album by clicking here.


meow. said...

waah! I missed this! :) ang galing nyo, tye! the kids look very happy! Merry Christmas to you :)

-tye- said...

Di bale there's always next time. :-)

At least napilitan kaming matutong magpaint. Ang sarap and saya pala! Nagpanic lang ako nung may nagpapaint ng zebra...kaloka! Ipapasa ko sana sa volunteer namin na vet (as in real veterinarian). then someone suggested Mark. Oo nga naman!

Merry Christmas din!

Voice of the Rainbow said...

keep on putting smiles on these wonderful children's faces.

wish i was there with you.