Friday, October 5, 2007

Blessed Be

I might be speaking for myself if I’d say that we’ve barely settled in our new office. For starters, I still have a box containing a mix of personal stuff and official things to rummage through and I have a lot more files to arrange.

I cannot enjoy the comfort of my table because we’ve been warned that the tables will be pulled out any minute to be repainted to which I silently protest. Why should a furniture be painted if the “painting” isn’t done to beautify it? My table’s fine except for the dents and a few scratches—all of which are “moving” wounds.

Somehow, me and my table with its faux wooden finish have formed some sort of a bond. I would really hate to be separated from it only to be reunited to a plain and glum, crudely-painted gray table afterwards.

I may be overreacting. It’s just that I’m not so ecstatic at seeing something nice turn to something…dead.

Well, I guess I don’t have any choice but to submit my table and have it repainted in order for it to blend with our new office’s walls.

Speaking of new office, it was the blessing of our new office a while ago. However it was only in noon time that we, the employees, got into the festive mood.

After a mass, there was the blessing of the entire building and the traditional throwing of blessed coins. I remember having fun diving in a sea of people sprinkled with coins when I was younger but things change when you grow up. It’s fun, alright. But somehow, the coins being thrown in the air which is forming a projectile heading towards you elicit fear. Fear that the coins will hit my face, especially the big, heavy ones. Aww!

Well of course I would have deemed it a personal blessing if a coin landed on my waiting palms which doubled as shields. But as luck would have it, none chose me.

In any case I share in the happiness of my co-workers who were able to get their share of coins, lots of coins!

And the bountiful food wasn’t bad either.

Here are some photos from the said event:

Blessing starts at the entrance. Can you spot me? (hehe)

See the airborne coins? Heaven forbid they hit me!

And here's our local version of that "traditonal" Hallmark shot.

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