Sunday, October 7, 2007

He Did It Again!

Eventually Manny Pacquiao won his gloved fight against Mexican, Marco Antonio Barrera.

But instead of being crazy happy for Manny, the momentum in celebrating had been spoiled by veerryy loooong advertisements, not including the "brought to you by" parts which were rather persistent to the point of being makulit.

Since I didn't watch the "Will to Win" on pay-per-view, I was one of many who had to endure the network's abuse with ads. All of us who relied on free TV were held by the necks and we all had to hold our breaths as we pause several minutes for each of the 12 tedious rounds that comprised the fight.

If I am not mistaken, the main event started airing at around 1 p.m. and ended at some minutes past 4. I swear, if Pacquiao and Barrera's battle were really that long, they'd both be dead by now. All out of exhaustion.

The networks just made big money. And they had Barrera partly to thank. Had it not for the guy consistently playing it safe, keeping away from Manny's jabs, the show wouldn't run for 12 rounds.

And two more things to be thankful about the semi-dragging fistfight: one, major and minor thoroughfares in the country are traffic jam-free for hours; and two, our nation had just been crime-free for THAT long!

Congrats to Manny, his coach, and his staff!

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