Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ang Alamat ng Hot Brazilian Guy

Is he really Brazilian? I would not know for sure. I just see him, almost every morning, sporting his curly hair and the laid-back shirt and pants that drape his lean body, as if he were always on vacation in this country called the Philippines. I consider him as the closest walking person I'd ever see who'll resemble Jude Law. Thus the word "hot."

For quite a while he seems no where to be found. I assumed his visa here had expired and he decided to return to his homeland wherever that is.

But yesterday, just when I was absorbed in my everydays, in my usual trip from home to work, I saw him. The stranger I most fondly refer to as "hot Brazilian guy." I could not help but smile.

Here's the punchline though. A few minutes after checking in to fantasy land, thanks to hot Brazilian guy, reality hit me. In the head. Literally. And the bump left a hump. A tiny hump.

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