Friday, October 6, 2006

Series of Minis

This is my 51st blog entry and I’ve decided to rummage through my trash pretending not to be trash and hopefully give you a series of minis—my quick thoughts on whatnots which I jotted down on pieces of scratch papers at random moments in time.

Random moments in time as they may be, however, my obsession and compulsion would not let me in peace unless I declare that the first two minis were written today, 6 October 2006 while the next two were on 4 October 2006. The last one, you just have to believe me about its randomness.

Renewable Energy’s Statistics
Nichi’s almost up and about. He’s craving for food and he’s back to his old talkative self again. And he looks great, too!

Sometimes I realize that my 12-year-old brother has been through more than I have—medically, physiologically, spiritually and emotionally speaking. He’s been treated by 3 Pediatric Hematologists plus several other Hema Fellows, a Pulmunologist, an Infectious Disease doctor, an ICU doctor, a Gastrointestinal doctor, a Neurologist, and now he is seeing an Oncologist. I will not forget to mention the nurses and midwives who have attended to his needs while at PCMC, especially the friendly nurses of Ward 2A.

Nichi has undergone multiple blood tests, Intrathecal, bone marrow aspirations, RBC and platelet transfusion, and GCSF. He’s taken numerous milligrams of drugs I cannot enumerate by myself. He’s had X-rays, a CT scan, an EEG, an ECG, Kreatenin tests and an MRI is yet to be scheduled.

Despite these statistics, he manages to stay as normal as he can, playing his Yugi-Oh cards—the game he has commissioned me to master (he has lent me his Yugi-Oh Rule Book), watching TV in an hour or less, playing the computer in an hour or less, and living for the rest of the time.

Drowsy on Monday, the Truth on Wednesday, Fun and Dry on Friday
Monday, I was more than lazy. I was completely sleepy. Not even the mug of coffee did the trick. The whole time I was trying hard to keep my job…and my consciousness.

Wednesday, the truth hit me. It was the drugs that were pulling me into an untimely slumber. Sometimes, truths are revealed through comparison. Only then did I discover that I had been taking the non Non-drowsy kind of medicine last Monday!

Friday, the only 8pm weeknight which had been spared of a crazy downpour. The moment I had been waiting for after (3 x 9.6 hours of work) + (2 x 11.6 hours of work with overtime). The mall was unpopulated because of the Octoberfest. I laid back and had a nice chat with a friend.

Bactidol Will Keep Me Alive
Yes, Bactidol!
Milenyo splashed my face with water,
Whipped my hair to an utter disarray!
Neneng didn’t spare me of her fury.
I had to experience her powers!
And so my tonsils have begun to hurt.
My nose…it’s clogged, It’s runny, it’s clogged.
And yet here I am standing
Amidst an impending fever.
I am not hungry, unlike the Beegees
But Bactidol has kept me alive.
Except for my tastebuds, though.)

I am one of those people
whose normal body temperature is a little over 36 degrees Celsius.
Suffice it to say that I am cold blooded.
But this did not happen overnight.
I have been like this for a long as I can remember—
Specifically in high school when I learned how to take my own body temp.
Cold-blooded as I am, you wouldn’t have to worry
About me performing a massacre with one giant bolo.
That is, if I am successful in keeping my cold-blooded cool.

Gift of Tongues
I swear, swearing is a gift! I mean, yes, it is vulgar and it isn’t pleasing to the ears at all but it still is a privilege. If we cannot throw a hammer, a chair or anything within grasp to the object of our wrath, we can at least throw profanities. Besides, it is not like we have to yell.

One curse and, hopefully, the anger’s gone!

And if we still have the decency to control ourselves despite ebbing patience, it will be best to curse at inanimate objects or perhaps at the empty polluted air just so we won’t hurt others’ feelings and at the same time save ourselves form an impending heart attack.

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