Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Special

Allow me to boost my dying confidence by reminding you that, once in my life, I was a Youngblood baby. To be exact, the first article I ever sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer was published two years and one day ago—in time for the season of dead people.

Thus, Halloween becomes extra special to me.

To commemorate that fateful day, I shall post all the text messages I received and saved on my notebook which have something to do with the said article. (My excuses for presenting this important part of my blog entry in photos are as follows: I am too lazy to type them, I wish to preserve these pages of my notebook, and I am abusing this gadget called scanner.)

There are two times in my life when I felt so happy for myself that I didn’t mind getting hit by a car, that if it were the end of me I knew that I will pass away REALLY happy. My Youngblood moment is one of them.

Spirits don’t just die, everyone. Especially this time of year. Happy Halloween!

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