Sunday, October 8, 2006

Speech, Kids and a Fork

What a week! Trouble keeps on heading towards me. It was really chilly! I became ill…

That is as far as I can remember—the single stanza speech exercise we had back in high school. It was supposed to improve one’s switching from long “e” to short “i” and back. I guess I need a lot of this exercise today as I am consistently fumbling on my “eee’s” and “i’s”.

It is beginning to bother me. After all, I have minor studies in Speech Communication. Part of my Speech Comm background is my Voice and Diction class where I got a 1.0. Add to that the three best speaker awards I got for three different speeches in my Occasional Speech class. I was not bad in my Oral Interpretation class either. I even once gave a speech in British accent which, I guess, I did pull off well.

And now I stutter and I seem to have lost my inner speaker. It is sad.

From an exaggerated stand point, I guess my lost inner speaker may be one of the reasons for my sleepless nights. I mean, can you imagine how uncomforting it is to be a passive spectator to a disintegrating special gift? At the rate I am going, I do not think I can keep the promise I made one of my instructors back in college. I told her I would work on my emcee-ing skills. Not only am I not improving it, but I am actually losing it.

I am not supposed to deteriorate at 26. Nobody is supposed to deteriorate at 26.

Ahhh, 26!

Last night, I went out to buy an internet card. There were a lot of high school boys and girls hovering around the business establishments near our place. There was a concert in their school and they were out to get something to eat. I know because my high school brother attends the same school and he was in the same concert last night.

I tell you, when you are around these kids, you cannot help but feel old. I felt old. The most frightening thing about getting old is probably defined by the relationship between your age and the number of mistakes you are allowed to commit. It is inversely proportional—the older you get, the less blunders you are entitled to. It sucks really.

So if I were to advise the kids of today, I would tell them not to rush. Never ever hasten the growing up process. Because when one hits the adult mark, there is no turning back. Otherwise one will face a more grave form of deterioration. This deterioration will not just suck; it will suck suck. Or make that triple suck.

If by reading me right now you get the notion that I am depressed, don’t. I am not in one of my sunny states but I am not depressed either.

I am in a fork and I am trying to assess things before I choose my path. I should do good after all I will be a godparent to a boy named Perry seven days from now.

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