Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cute But…

I had a Dream.

I was in a room-full of 8-year-olds.

One was persistently telling me she’s hungry, tired and/or sleepy. Another asked me to take off my eyeglasses just because she wanted to see me. A naughty one hid behind me, poking my sides from time to time, trying in vain to tickle me. An innocent-looking one intermittently approached me just to ask what time it was, like a catatonic wacko. Another girl made the number three sign. I had no idea what she meant but I let her go the same way I did with the other 20 or so kids who asked me if they can go out—they and that one kid who pointed her finger to her mouth and came with an interpreter saying, “phlegm.” One politely requested me to put her hairpins securely on her bangs. A girl with a ponytail came to me and whispered, “Tomorrow’s my birthday.” A proud one, after boasting her being an awardee, tried coaching me to count to three to get her friends settled. One was disappointed that she won’t go swimming at that moment. I asked her if she brought her swimsuit with her. After realizing that she didn’t, she rested her case. A curious one insisted that I allow her to play with my cellphone. Another kid was amazed after hearing that I know all about the movie, High School Musical. A bashful girl handed me a drawing, smiled and went back to her seat. All these happened, almost all at once, with a bonus of two girls engaged in some sort of a wrestling right in front of me. Of course, one of them fell flat on the floor.

Next thing I knew, the girls grew up three, four, five years older. They must have fused themselves together because now there were only five of them. Five girls sharing their dreams. Not holding back in telling me about their crushes, their monthly period, their dream house, their hunger for the spotlight, their hopes of becoming rich, famous, and powerful. Or was it powerful, famous, rich?

I wish I remember more but that’s it.

I just realized how long I’ve been out of it. The naïve, pink realm. It would have been less damaging if I were stuck in that world. But that’s not how the world works.

And I don’t regret being a slave of the world’s ways.

And so my dream ends, or should it?

Yes, it’s sweet and cute…but?


charlene said...

But...? :)

-tye- said...

One thing about me: where I am concerned, there is always a "but."