Thursday, July 12, 2007

Que Horor!

Ayan na si Godot!



charlene said...

sino si godot?

-tye- said...

Godot is the mysterious character in Samuel Beckett's absurdist play entitled "Waiting for Godot". No one knows for sure who he is or what he looks like. Or whether he is good or bad. But apparently everyone awaits his coming--regardless of how they do the waiting.

Some people--they waste their lives waiting.

I hope WE maximized ours. We've been warned of Godot's coming 5, 6 months before. And, hell, we can never be prepared for him even if we try!

Apparently he is close. And even if I cry my eyes out, only a miracle can drive him away and buy us more time umm, ugh waiting.

***Sad times...