Thursday, July 26, 2007

End of the Raise

April of this year, I took it upon myself to raise funds for the supposed bone marrow transplant of my youngest brother who is suffering from leukemia. We were come up with around 3 million pesos for his transplant alone.

I've decided to help my family raise the funds by posting this ad at my blog's side bar:

Be one of the 6,200 people to pledge Php 500 for this 13-year-old boy

PEOPLE POWER FOR NICHI is an optimistic attempt to raise the Php 3.1M needed for my brother's bone marrow transplant. Be part of the 6,200 people who'll help free Nichi from his Leukemia. Your Php 500 can make a big difference in his life.

A number of people, friends and strangers alike, responded to my call for help. Help did come as reported in this next element in my sidebar:


Miracle money as of 2 June 2007 is Php 5,890.00. Remaining amount to raise is Php 3,094,110.00.Thanks to your help, Nichi is 99.81% away from the bone marrow transplant that will save his life.Click here for back story.

The amount of money we received through this effort is indeed big. It may not have served its purpose where Nichi is concerned but rest assured, it will help Nichi in a different means and part of it will find its way to children who are like Nichi, suffering from a life-threatening disease such as leukemia.

Nichi's fight may have ended but my whole family and I will forever thank you for supporting this cause.

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