Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let’s Make a Group of Extra Special Kids Happy This Christmas!

For as low as P25.00, you can help us paint a smile on the faces of the Hematology Out-Patient Department (OPD) kids of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) this coming Christmas.

They are the 150 (estimate count) extra special children, ages 2 to 12, who, at their tender age, are faced with serious illnesses such as Leukemia, Thalassemia, and tumors.

With enough funds, we can present this group of exceptionally brave children gifts containing art materials, stickers and toys—all of which will do a lot in taking their young minds off the gravity of their diseases and the tortures of their treatment.

The target date for the distribution of gifts is on December 7, 2007 (Friday) in time for the children’s Christmas party to be held inside PCMC. The purchasing of gifts is scheduled on November 16, 2007 (Friday).

Any amount or any material contributions added to the gift packs will surely mean a lot to these kids. And it will be most appreciated if all monetary donations will be in before the date of purchasing of gifts (November 16, 2007). Any item you wish to include in the gift packs must be turned in before December 7, 2007 to allow enough time for wrapping the gifts.

This project is not run by any foundation. It is pursued by a group of people inspired by a courageous young man named Nichi who once expressed how sad it is to wait in line at the PCMC-OPD for his chemotherapy. Being absorbed in drawing definitely helped him forget his health hurdles. Nichi may have lost his six-year battle against leukemia but with our joint efforts, his life and death, as well as of those children who shared the same fate as his, will not be in vain because it will lead to something good.

Just like Nichi did, his friends, the extra special children of the PCMC-OPD, are carrying more than they should. Their lives have become beyond normal because of the treatment they have to go through on a regular basis.

Join us in working together to erase these brave children’s worries even for a while. Let’s make these extra special kids happy this Christmas!

Interested parties may email me at battik14@yahoo.com. (Please indicate "Happy kids this Christmas" on the subject line so that I won't take your email as spam by mistake. Thanks!)

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