Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Love My Chefs Funny, Cool and Hot

Dahil ako ay nahuhumaling kay Sam ng Top Chef Season2, napagdecide-an kong maglaan ng isang ariticle about them three chefs I love. Oo, tatlo sila. At gahdemmit, mahal ko na sila! (And to think prior to this post I was advocating reality!) Well anyway hayaan nyo na lang muna akong mag-ilusyon.


Ok. Ok, Adam Sandler may not be a chef in real life but he sure is one lovely chef in Spanglish. Notice how I’ve been almost always on the verge of swooning over this movie. The thing is, if Adam Sandler’s character in this movie were a real person, I’d marry him. You can then help me throw away all the pieces I wrote about me never ever wanting to get married.

Next man is the naked chef himself, Jamie Oliver. Love the accent. Love him. Jamie is not only skilled, wealthy and famous; he also has that angel in him who uses his gifts to do something good for others. He has established a charity restaurant (now, reataurantS) which helps the so-called disadvantaged young people. He also advocates the serving of healthy food in school canteens, thereby saving kids from eating junk. You just have to see Jamie do his magic in the kitchen in order for you to love him, too.

Finally, Sam Talbot, an executive chef in New York City, and was a strong contender in Top Chef Season 2. Unfortunately someone else beat him out of the Top Chef title but it doesn’t make him any less of the handsome and charming chef that he seems to be. (And I’m just so glad it wasn’t Marcel who beat him!) According to Bravo tv’s official website, Sam was voted one of the top ten sexiest chefs in New York. How’s that to convince you on how truly sexy he is?

Allow me to get a hold of myself where Sam is concerned. I have reason to believe that Sam is not just some sexy chef. He probably is one great chef as he often wins in the Top Chef challenges and garners flattering criticisms from Top Chef judges. Also there is something commanding about him whenever he is absorbed in his craft as he works with his fellow contenders in the kitchen. And if I may trust my judgment, I perceive Sam as I have seen him on TV as someone unpretentious, just doing what he loves to do, trying his darn best to serve the most scrumptious food he can whip up. Watch him and you'll certainly love him, too.

And if, by any chance, I meet Sam in person will someone please get ready to catch me because I will surely faint. Really.

So there.

Sana nabusog kayo.

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