Sunday, November 11, 2007

When Death Stole Christmas

I seriously worry how my family and I will celebrate Christmas now that Nichi is gone.

I don’t know.

Things really won’t be the same again for all of us.

I also worry about Migs. He and Nichi always open their gifts together. Now that Nichi's gone, Christmas will be especially different for Migs, too.

If only I can take my family far away to distract all of us from what is no longer there…

* * *
I’m posting some videos from last Christmas.

Here you’ll see Christmas anticipation through Nichi’s eyes. Well, sort of.

Next is a clip where Nichi and Migs open my Christmas gift for them. Their reactions, put together, never fail to make my Christmas complete.

Finally, Nichi sings a Christmas song by Jaya which may have sounded sooo cheesy back then but surely does capture what our Christmas will be this year.

Therefore, Paano na nga ba ang Pasko kung wala ka?

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