Saturday, May 31, 2008

20 Days in the Philippines

I was supposed to say "Last 20 days in the Philippines," but then I would make it sound as if I’m no longer coming back.

I will return, that’s for sure. I just hope I’ll return with much pride I wish carry back with me.

No, I haven’t packed anything yet. I just have my list of things to bring and things to buy and bring. I think it’ll work best for me if I just cram. By doing so, I get to enjoy my remaining days to spend in my native land. (Naks!)

Packing early makes me feel like I’m dying, like knowing that I’m dying. The pressure of ending loads of unfinished businesses haunts me.

Here I go again with my morbid comparisons!

Anyway, given 20 days, I think I’m ready to get ready.

I’ll have a jam-packed Monday to help me get in the road to preparation.

I’ll be ready, I know I will.

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