Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Kids On the Block

The Jonas Brothers, that’s what they’re called. It’s not difficult to explain why. They’re the sons of Mr. Jonas, hence the three are brothers. Couldn’t they have gone for something as simple as “Jonas” the way the Hansons and the Moffats did? Or they could have followed the footsteps of Jackson 5 and call themselves “Jonas 3”…yuck! OK I take that back.

Contrary to my title, these kids aren’t all too new. They’ve been around since 2005, making tours along with big names like Kelly Clarkson, the Backstreet Boys, and The Click Five. But back then, they called themselves—get ready for this—The Sons of Jonas. Now I appreciate “Jonas Brothers”!

I was just not aware of their existence until recently when my 15-year-old brother mentioned them with such pride, the kind which implies that you’re cool if you know them. I didn’t know them. And frankly, I don’t dig their songs.

I know that admitting to this magnifies the generation gap between me and my brother. But this is my effort to reach out. I’ve done some research and I’m actually writing about a band who plays the juvenile kind of music—not really my thing.

In fairness, the Jonas Brothers is a legit band, at least for the old school standards. They play instruments which is what a band is supposed to do. I still am baffled why Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, Westlife, etc. fall under the boyband category when they only have their voices to boot.

Fifteen-year-old Nicholas Jerry Jonas, a.k.a. Nick Jonas, the youngest among the three plays drums, guitar and piano.

Joseph Adams Jonas or Joe Jonas plays the guitar, piano and percussion, specifically the tambourine. This boy is 18.

On the other hand, the oldest, 20-year-old Paul Kevin Jonas II—Kevin Jonas, for short—plays the guitar.

One interesting Jonas Brothers trivia I stumbled upon is that about them each wearing a purity ring on their left-hand ring finger. And by wearing these rings, they promise to stay pure until they get married. Yeah right! What with all the groupies at their trail by this time?! Good luck to them!

I have yet to listen to these boys’ songs to say something solid about their music. Maybe if I’m sure I’m not predisposed to having a migraine I will. Right now their high-pitched boy voices wouldn’t do me any good. It doesn’t matter if these boys have their Broadway background to credit their singing. I’d rather stay clear from them after this.

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Surfing the net for infos and photos of the Jonas Brothers made me realize how lucky the kids of today are. Their favorite personalities are just a click away! It makes stalking their idols so easy!

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