Monday, May 19, 2008

Premigration Jitters

Being reminded by my brother of my impeding flight roughly a month from now, sends the butterflies in my guts fluttering everywhere.

I’m jumping in a land where I’d be devoid of security, physical availability of friends and a lucrative means of livelihood but, hey, who said risks are not nerve wracking? Plus, it may be the adventure I’ve been living for. I wouldn’t know until I finally plunge in, right?

So I’m trying to convince myself that I’ll survive hence my list of the brighter side of my soon-to-be life-altering…

1. I’d be living in a house with a baby. Babies are cute and refreshing. And the baby I’be living with happens to be extra pretty than others! (Hah, said with much pride!)

2. I’d be away from pollution and terrible traffic (or so they say), both of which I loathe.

3. I’d have the chance to start fresh in a place where only a few people know me—not that a lot of people know me here but I’d sure be glad to bask in anonymity anytime of the day. It only means I’m swimming in a bigger pond.

4. I wouldn’t be riding a bus, a jeepney, a train, a cab or a tricycle to start my trip. I’d be riding on a plane. How hardcore is that?

5. If ever I thirst for my local entertainment, GMA 7 shows are just a remote control click away. (Yes, I wouldn’t be reduced to TFC!)

6. My spoken English will be put to the ultimate test. (Now this, I mean with a bit of disdain especially after a certain someone implied that I’m not at all good at speaking the language. Hmp!)

7. I’d have a whole new culture to observe and write about. And there’d be new faces to see and new places to explore.

8. I’d have the opportunity to…ulk…earn more. (Oh, God, I hope I will!) Perhaps I may help in uplifting the Philippine economy in my pursuit to wealth. (Naks! Well, I wish I will even minutely do so.)

9. I’d have a closer access to gadgets sold at a lower price which I go crazy over—that'll be fun, granting I get myself a job first.

10. And finally, I may have the chance to provide a better life for people I care about.

And the jitters persist!

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