Thursday, May 1, 2008

Googling Me

To keep my fingers busy, I thought of typing and searching my name in Google. The second part of my first name, that is.

And interesting enough, I found this site :

The site didn't give me enough information about my name as I hope it would but I am still amused to have found this site.

The following is the little information I got:

The girl's name Tyrene \t(y)-re-ne\ is a variant of Tyra.

The baby name Tyrene sounds like Tyrena, Trine, Dorene, Taren, Terena, Terrene, Terenne, Tarena and Trena. Other similar baby names are Cyrene, Kyrene and Tyree.

Tyrene is a very rare female first name and a very rare surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).

* * *
I still believe that seeing my nickname on plate numbers of any vehicle is a sign of good luck.

So, this one's for luck:

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Running Waters said...


my camera's broken. i miss my camera.

how queer... seeing your name on a PUV. i've seen mine everywhere back home though so i'm used to it.