Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Adventures of the One-Eyed Artist

Last weekend, I showed Nichi the Spiderman newspaper ad where all activities to promote its premiere is listed. Thursday night, he pulled out the ad which apparently he ripped from our broadsheet. After expressing his obvious interest in joining the drawing contest come the next day, he invited me to accompany him to that event. As much as I wanted to, I explained to him I can’t because I had to work. I think he understood me. He settled with going with dad who, according to Nichi, can be a bore sometimes.

Friday morning, I woke up even before my alarm clock went off. Something in my inner gut convinced me not to pass off a supposed fun day with Nichi. I decided there to take the day off from work instead and join Nichi on his adventure.

He was happy to know that I will come with him and dad to the contest. We left the house as soon as we were all set to go. He was excited all throughout.

We first had brunch then drank coffee—well, Nichi had Latte Chocolate—to kill time while the organizers of the event waited for more kid contestants.

Then came the event. And he drew alright.

Drew and drew for an hour.

It wasn’t easy. He had to draw against an unstable easel using the colored pencils provided by the organizers. Plus he had only one eye working!

Nichi said he was in it for the experience. But he got more than he wanted.

The one-eyed artist won!

Nyahaha! A sweet victory.

I am so glad to have witnessed it!

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