Monday, April 2, 2007

People Power for Nichi

PEOPLE POWER FOR NICHI is an optimistic attempt to raise the Php 3.1M needed for my brother's bone marrow transplant alone (exclusive of the pre and post transplant care). Be part of the 6,200 people who'll help free Nichi from his Leukemia. Your Php 500 can make a big difference in his life.

My 12-year-old brother, Joseph Nichole L. Delgado, has been battling his Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia since November 2001. From the day he was diagnosed, he’s been undergoing chemotherapy—following various protocols to eradicate leukemic cells present in his body. He has also completed a radiation therapy session yet his ailment keeps on coming back.

Middle of last year, his body almost gave up from the multiple doses of chemo drugs induced in his system. But through his love of life coupled by prayers, he was able to bounce back and was almost healthy come December 2006. When things seemed well, however, he started complaining about an abnormality in his left eye. After being checked by two eye doctors, a hematologist and a neurologist, we found out that leukemic cells have sought refuge in his left eye for they cannot be reached by chemo drugs there. These bad cells have caused Nichi’s blurring of vision. Today his left eye is no longer functional. Still it doesn’t prevent him from doing things he normally does like drawing.

Here are two of NIchi's drawings albeit his being a one-eyed artist:

Several doctors have recommended that Nichi undergo a bone marrow transplant for greater chances of survival. My whole family and I wish nothing but to give Nichi that transplant and the life he deserves to live. With the meager money we have and continuously trying to earn, we still couldn’t afford the best treatment for our Nichi. That’s why, I’m invoking everyone within my reach, everyone who has money to spare to please help our Nichi.

You can email me through for other ways of sending your help. Please place “People Power for Nichi” at the subject line so that I will not consider your message as spam mail by mistake.

I know that my fund raising attempt says that I would be needing Php 500 per person. That however is my way of making raising the Php 3.1M look more possible than it will ever be. It seemed easier to look for 6,200 people ready to spare that amount than 3.1 individuals who will spare me a Peso. But the said amount is just a suggested figure. My family and I will appreciate whatever comes from your heart. And rest assured, it will go to Nichi’s “miracle money”.

I have provided a fund raising update at the left margin of my blog to maintain transparency in terms of the help we have been receiving. Plus, it is kind of inspiring seeing how, with the help of friends and strangers alike, we are making Nichi’s future possible!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this piece.

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Anonymous said...

hi. come up with a way how to receive donation faster.. where people can easily transfer money online from their credit or debit cards...if you have one already, let me know asap.

this is B, from
i added a little info about him in our website, so our visitors can see them. hope you dont mind. lets hope and pray we can gather funds asap.

God bless you and your family

PBS said...

Hi Tye, fyi we posted an entry at PBS about "People Power for Nichi". We hope you don't mind ;)

Here's the post.

Just let us know if you have concerns about that post. Regards to Nichi and the rest of your family. God Bless!

-tye- said...

Of course I wouldn't mind!

Thanks for helping me spread the word. :-)

bluepanjeet said...

tye, I made a shorty about your brother on my blog, i hope this helps.

I will also ask my priests, nuns and seminarian friends to pray for him and pass the word...

God is Merciful and Good.

Pax et Bonum!