Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For Lack of a Better Sleep

You know how being awakened by pebbles being thrown at your bedroom window is portrayed as something romantic, if not cute, in movies or TV shows?

This I tell you: it ain’t the best way to be pulled out of an otherwise deep slumber.

Especially if it’s not Prince Charming (well in my case, Jude Law would certainly do) who’s doing the pebble throwing.

Much worse is if it’s your mom who gets home late and is back to her old I’m-here-when-I’m-here self again; it’s not the first time she does it yet she offers no apologies for bothering you; you are not the only one home but you happen to be the easiest one to regain consciousness among all the sleepy heads at midnight; you are not the type who, after getting up, can get back to sleep that easily as others do; you have to wake up early the next day to be able to show up and function well at work; you’ve been having a persistent headache prior to getting to bed; you made sure you turned off your cellphone in order to ensure getting a good night sleep…

I could rant until my mother does this again, still she would not admit that it was irresponsible on her part not to inform anyone in the family that, as usual, she won’t be home early yet she’s planning to go home just the same and she’d be waking ME up to open the door for her.

Excuse me for ranting.

And now I will state the obvious: I am most definitely less than amused!

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