Sunday, August 12, 2007

Making up for the Lost

Last night I saw Transformers. Would you believe that it came out June 28 and it is still playing at Megamall? Thank God for that! At least I still got to see it. Unfortunately, Nichi was no longer able to watch it. I had been coaxing him to come see it with me. Anyway, he would just have to walk from the taxi to the theater and he’d just sit afterwards to enjoy the movie. But he refused, not because he was not interested, in fact he knew Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots plus Megatron and the Decepticons more than I did. Nichi refused my movie invite for him because he can no longer go and see it. There’s a difference there.

Nichi would have enjoyed that movie. I imagine him raving about it even days after seeing it the way he did with TMNT. I just hope he was there with us, his Ate and Kuyas last night.

I am not a fan of the Transformers in my younger years. I don’t even recall watching it. I just remember that at one time, Ovaltine gave out free mini Transformer toys, my siblings and I were slightly crazy about.

I checked out the movie out of curiosity and I was satisfied with it. Entertained and satisfied. If only my contact lenses were in good shape then the movie’s action sequences would have been perfect and not restricted by the bounds the frame of my eyeglasses constantly set.

* * *

Three days ago, I saw Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix with Migs and Dad. It was another good movie Nichi missed. We watched some of the past Harry Potter films together so I can only imagine Nichi tagging along with us that night.

I like Harry Potter more than Lord of the Rings, probably because the preppy kids of Hogwarts are more pleasing to the eyes than the muddy creatures of Middle Earth. Nichi would say otherwise. He loved Lord of the Rings more.

But Migs, he was more impressed with the current Harry Potter sequel than the Transformers movie.

There go our movie preferences.

* * *

As for The Simpsons Movie, the film which became a victim of my grief, well somehow I made peace with it. I sat with the epitome of dysfunctional family at their famous living room and had my picture taken at two different nights, at several different poses.

Poking Bart's eye

Capturing a moment with Bart

The Simpsons with Tye and Migs

Making peace with Homer

Tye with the Simpsons

Tye with the Simpsons again

Again, Nichi would have outrageous poses with the Simpson family if he had the opportunity to do so. I can only imagine...

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