Monday, August 13, 2007

Stalking Dennis

What are the odds that when I was wearing a semi-plunging neckline shirt, I would happen to bump unto, who else but Dennis Trillo! (Well not really bump.)

But let’s not get our hopes too high. I was not at all glamorously sexy or anything. (God, I am never glamorously sexy or anything close!) In fact, I was wearing something which is a step closer to a pambahay since I was really out to do our monthly grocery. I’m not even sure if combed my hair.

Truth be told that as usual, I was oblivious to what was happening around me. It’s just part of my autistic tendencies. Plus I was busy gorging my favorite siomai with my brothers when the lady serving our drinks noticed a commotion behind her kiosk’s counter. Then, ka-blam! There was Dennis Trillo paying whatnot to one of the supermarket’s cashiers.

As an out-of-my-character move, I left my sumptuous siomai with chili-garlic sauce to get a glimpse of this Dennis Trillo guy.

Anakngboogie! Ampogi ng mokong!

With trembling hands, I rummaged through my bag, not taking my eyes off Dennis. The star struck me captured these lame photos:

Si Dennis ba talaga ito?

Some mommy handed Dennis her baby just to have the kid and Dennis (and her) together in one photo.

The way Dennis holds the baby, you'd think that he's rather an amateur at handling kids.

Upon gathering myself and remembering the siomai, not to mention my brothers, which I left in the food stall a few steps away, I decided to give Mr. Trillo his privacy. I think the other people around thought of the same thing, too. We all left the poor good-looking guy alone.

Then he passed by right in front of me while I was back to my patay-gutom state. I did not stop myself from staring at him. I didn’t even try to be obscure. What can I say? Dennis Trillo truly makes a good eye candy! And he has an alarmingly queer effect on me.

Too bad, Nichi is no longer around. Otherwise, we both would have approached Dennis just so Nichi will have a picture with him while I can stare at him longer.

Incidentally, since I’m on the Dennis hype, I tried searching him via Yahoo and what do you know? There’s something about Dennis at Wikipedia . Through that I discovered that Dennis and Nichi were both born on May 12. However, they were born 13 years apart.

Kaya pala pareho silang gwapo!

November of last year, I passed around a sheet of paper at the office bearing the question, “Bakit gwapo si Dennis Trillo?” Not everyone is infatuated with him but all agreed that Dennis is one of God’s best creations. Yes, some lusted for him while some admired the fact that, based on what we hear, Dennis is a nice guy in person. (And we have a very reliable second-hand account to prove that.)

Considering that my question was loaded, (“Bakit gwapo si Dennis Trillo?” assumes that Dennis is in fact good looking and it was pretty much intentional on my part) no one really objected and said that, “no Dennis is not good looking at all!”

One tried to challenge the question by writing something that goes a bit like: we only say Dennis is good looking because we were formed by our culture to believe that Dennis’ fair skin, buffed body, sweet smile and somehow piercing singkit eyes fall under that set of physical attributes that makes a person desirable. Still, he (the one who challenged my question, or was it Dennis’ “good” looks he tried to deconstruct?) did not attempt to say that Dennis is pangit. Probably because he wanted to live longer or maybe, just like most of us, he, too, thought that Dennis doesn’t look bad at all.

Oh well, it really is a matter of opinion and taste.

I just wanted to share Dennis and my encounter with him. He may remain an eye candy for me. I mean, I don’t think I’d be devastated (O.A.!) if ever I learn that he’s some kid’s daddy or if he has a wife some where the way Ivan Mayrina’s child and marriage (?) shattered my heart into pieces. (Mas O. A. ito!)

But, Ivan is yet another story.

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charlene said...

ay shet.

kita mo yung picture na may buhat siyang bata? anak namin yan. pinahawak ko lang sa isang random babae.