Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beatle Mania to Beat The Blues

My dad boasts of the fact that his birthday and that of Sir Paul McCartney's coincide (June 18). I dare not burst his happy bubble by not reminding him that technically they don't have the same birthdays because of the time difference of their birthplaces.

Still, I have to say that Sir Paul was one cute Beatle. Check out this Video of "Fool on the Hill"--one of my favorite Beatle songs.

The skipping was rather Filipino-movie like. But since Sir Paul McCartney was the one doing it, I have to say that it added points to his cuteness.

However still, John Lennon isn't all that bad if you're into someone deep. Here he sings "Stand By Me," another of my favorites.

But Ringo Starr most definitely aged well. (Of Course, John Lennon and George Harrison are dead, thus their being devoid of wrinkles, if not facial surgeries.) Ringo is cooler now that he's older. He even has a cool website. And I saw him being interviewed on TV about his grandkid/s. He says he wants to be called, "Grandpa Ringo." How cool is that?

Then there's George Harrison who, on most of his videos, really looked like Vic Sotto, or is it just me? But in this MTV for the song "Something" George looked a bit like Jesus which is creepy if you think about it.

One comment in the Youtube site where I found this said that this video is a tribute to the Beatles' women. It must explain Yoko Ono's participation. I'm just not sure of the other girls. I don't really know them. I wasn't actually born on the Beatles' era. I'm just a fascinated post Beatles fan.

While I'm at it, allow me to post the video of my other Beatles favorite, "Hey Jude." Need I say why?

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