Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In the Nude

It has been reported that Vanessa Hudgens, the girl who played Gabriella in Disney’s High School Musical, has nude photos circulating on the internet. The photos were said to have been taken by none other than her, TV’s innocent, sweet Gabriella. The good and disturbing thing about this is that she didn’t even try to deny the photos and, instead, proceeded on apologizing for showing the world her, umm, ahh, skin.

God, Vanessa is too young to be exposed to such scandal! But you know what they say, “stupid is what a stupid does.”

There’s nothing really wrong in having nude photos. If they’re done in good taste. If they’re not circulating worldwide. If you’re not someone who gets projects because you look innocent. If you’re not popular, especially to kids. (Think Pee-wee Herman.)

In case you don’t satisfy any of the four conditions I’ve mentioned, you should at least make money out of your nude photos to get some good out of being exploited. If you sell, then perhaps you can consider a career in porn.

Going back to nude photos, I think it is not a bad idea to get one just to have something to remember your youth by. I mean, you could at least keep some proof that one time in your life, you looked nice and healthy—body parts are intact at the places where they should be—a far cry from your present wrinkly body whose parts are slowly being pulled to the ground by gravity. By keeping a picture of yourself in your birthday suit, you’d be able to preserve time in a not-so-perverted way.

Unfortunately for Vanessa, she got famous. When someone sees her naked photos, they’d know that they’re looking at her. Compared to a naked picture of a nobody, Vanessa’s have a name. Hers.

The next thing we know, Vanessa would be trekking along the paths of Britney, Nicole, Lindsay and Paris. Meaning, she’d be soon spotted at all possible party places in their land chugging booze, smoking organic sticks, and probably drinking and injecting whatnots to her juvenile body. Meaning also, she’d soon find herself either in rehab or prison, if not AND PRISON as jail seems to be the in thing for young Hollywood, thanks to the trendsetter Paris Hilton and her soon-to-follow minions/girlfriends (See names I had previously enumerated.).

Apparently rich people like them can afford to waste everything including their lives.

In the mean time, we, normal entities, are reduced to witness these young girls ruin their lives in payment for their fame. Now that isn’t too much of an entertainment now, is it?

(I wonder how many people checked out this entry by mistake after Google searching “nude.” Oh well.)

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