Sunday, September 30, 2007

Magic Sing, Eric Clapton, Inihaw, and Music in General

The last time Nichi held the Magic Sing (microphone), he said that he can barely hold it up for long which was surprising considering that our Magic Sing is very light.

But Nichi loves to sing so he proceeded on hitting the notes while lying down on the sofa. He was having a hard time sitting for long.

This was in June. He died in July.

* * *

A while ago, in the hopes of eluding the things I should be doing, and in between not doing anything at all, I decided to unearth the Magic Sing and hum. (I’m no good, thus the “hum.”)

Then I felt I had do Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven which didn’t bring me to tears at all and it was rather consoling, especially the part which says:

Beyond the door
There's peace I'm sure.
And I know there'll be no more...
Tears in heaven

* * *

Dad and I finally got to do our long overdue grocery shopping for the month of September last Thursday. We usually replenish our supplies on a weekend but since my office is now a few hops away from the supermarket we frequent, we can now do it on a weekday.

It used to be also that Nichi tags along. He has several of his own supplies-to-buy in mind that’s why he comes. And anyway, there’s a wooden swing in the middle of the supermarket where he can sit and rest whenever he feels like it.

And so buying our month’s supplies we, dad and I, did. We got ourselves a cab and sat our way home.

It wasn’t long after we settled in when one of Nichi’s songs was played on the radio. I say it’s Nichi’s song because he sang it with his signature performance level to Ate Win through voice chat probably around May or June this year. I didn’t know of this song not until after I asked Nichi about it. I initially thought he just made the whole song up.

And now I know it’s Inihaw by Siakol.

You may check it out here:

I take it, the playing of Inihaw in the most opportune time, was Nichi's way of saying that he was there, as he always was, grocery shopping with us.

* * *


They speak a certain language that has the power to let you feel you weren’t abandoned. A power that allows you to connect. A force that reminds you that no matter how much it hurts, things are going to be fine.

And things are going to be fine.

...for my family and me, and, of course, for Nichi.

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