Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Doraemon Saved My Life

What was once lost, I found at the perfect time.

Actually, Nichi was the one who kept it. It was Charlene and Wendi's Christmas gift to me but Nichi thought it was nice so he "borrowed" it for a while. Somewhere along the way, he misplaced it.

Funny how it re-appeared. Just when I needed precious air which proves to be a rarity in our new office.

They say we'd be miserable until October when we finally get those friggin transformers.

Until then, Doraemon will be saving my hot ass.


charlene said...

dognabbit. wala pang aircon?

-tye- said...

Nagkaroon ng milagro Friday last week. Nag-simula nang lumamig nung 4PM.

Unfortunately, it meant balik uniform na kami.

Pasalamat na lang ako't kasya pa sa akin mga uniform ko. (Napadalas kasi ang ice cream, zagu, shake, gulaman and other food trips namin.)