Saturday, December 1, 2007

Throwing The Trillanes Tantrum

The next time I get pissed off over something or someone, I’d probably throw the Trillanes tantrum. You know, walk out, get some people to join my side, then head to a hotel I most prefer to crash.

Astig noh? And Trillanes has done it twice. His big-time tantrums.

Sosyal sya. Senador na kasi. Kaya from Oakwood he aimed for something more shala like Manila Penninsula. And just like a kid he surrenders to his parents, the government, muttering but submits himself just the same.

What do we learn then from Trillanes’ number last Thursday? That the military can be Hollywood-like. They can drive a tank through the lobby of a hotel, although they really need more practice. I mean how many bangs does it take to crash Manila Penn’s main entrance? James Bond could have done that with a sleek car in one hit. What else? That media people in plastic shackles make an excellent subject for a photo op. Heh.

But don’t think I took the failed mutiny as a joke. I was texting my Dad and brother to go home early so as to comply with the 12am to 5am curfew. And when GMA went on air to say her piece, trying so hard to say, “Hey, I’m the president. Mocking me will never go unpunished,” my eyes almost welled up. I was thinking, “What has our country come down to? Is this the nation I insist on serving?”

I guess what I am trying to say is that my Pinoy morale just dropped several notches. A few more coaxing and I’d really be pissed off. Maybe then I’ll walkout of our demi hell-hole and crash a hotel in a land other than ours.

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