Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Ode to Ysh

Yesterday, I found myself in a more quiet part of Makati. It was definitely more shala, populated by the rich, thus explaining why I had to walk several blocks in order to avail of public transport that’ll eventually bring me home. I could not very well afford a cab.

At the heart of the place was a park which closely resembled the park my niece visited every afternoon where I, too, occasionally hang out to let a few hours of my days in Singapore pass.

And then I remembered the article I should have written last October 4 which I never got to write. Eighteen days is a bit late but I’ll go on with it still. Today.

It is so easy to feel home sick when all it takes is to step out of the house to feel like the odd person out. So I find it a blessing to have had my niece around to entertain me in what-could-have-been my empty moments in a foreign country.

My three months of playing with Yzee, my niece, in itself is a blessing. I’ve already missed 8 months of her and as it is, I will continue to miss her growing up years. I consider the three months I’ve spent with her precious, priceless. From the moment she waived “hi” at me, showed me her latest tricks when I arrived to the time she spoke “mamamama”, “tee-tah!”, etc. and took her wobbly first steps while I was packing my stuff, I will keep them all in a special place in my heart.

I’m taking this time to share some of what I’d consider prized moments little Yzee. I’m displaying them here like any proud Tita.

She had me at Hello!

Actually, she had me at “Hi.” I’d like to believe I taught her to say “hello” on her toy phone which I called her “cordless phone” to distinguish it from her toy cellphone and the phone attached to her playpen which I called her “landline”.

Minnie Yzee

When I arrived, Yzee was sort of crib-bound. Here she seemed to understand that I was taking her photo with the Minnie Mouse toy given by her other Tita.

Little Buddhas with no Hair

I don’t think Yzee found the little stiff Buddhas with no hair in the Chinese Garden charming.

Maybe I’ll teach her how to bowl

If I become good at bowling and if I get a chance to spend time with my niece in the future, well then, I just might be able to teach her how to bowl.

Channeling Richard Simmons

She loves her headbands and although her look may seem to resemble that of the annoying Richard Simmons, I think Yzee is way cuter. And not Annoying at all!

Little Yzee wants to play

We were on our way to the park when the rain got in the way. We instead stayed at a covered space near the house where incidentally Yzee’s playmates were also stuck. Even the Singaporean kids thought Yzee looked cute in the dress Mamu picked for her.

Love it!

Before heading to a baptism, Yzee and I took some time to exercise her new trick. Her “Love it!” trick where she raises her arms upon hearing “Love it!” The TV ad for has taken it toll on my niece’s young brain.


We were both bored. I started swinging Yzee up and down, left and right. She enjoyed it! Apparently she has no motion sickness.

Super V

I got no objections from Yzee when I attached a foam V on her head. She even stayed still for this photo.

Yzee at the Park

Yes, she loves to slide!

Look, Mum, No Hands!

By the time I left, Yzee knew how to stand and walk on her own. Then she turned one.

Pretty Face

Another one of her tricks: flashing her pretty face.

In Pink

Here’s probably one of our last photos together. At this time I was teaching her to say, “rrrr.”


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-- Windale -- said...

Yzee will see you soon Tita Tye. Naka-book na kme ng flight sa Feb! Miss ka na din ng pamangkin mo.
-Ate Win