Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Sunny Sun Tzu Moment

Our LPG tank has run dry. It paved the way for a Sun Tzu moment. As the Art of War stated, one must learn to maneuver misfortune into gain. Hence instead of letting the empty gas tank get in the way of LUNCH, we seized the situation that resulted in a more special meal: Inihaw!

The pleasant weather was all for it, giving me some more opportunities to take pictures with the aid of natural light.

These I’d like to share:

The chefs. Seryoso.

Lunch. Yum!

Twas a fine day to dry some clothes. (Shh… di alam ng kapitbahay namin na ginawa kong subject ang mga simapay nila!)

I bet this ring is also missing its owner.

Pinoy na barriotic ang dating! But it’s nice. (This photo is take by my brother.)

Ma’s empty paint bucket

Cross-Section of a Wood

Lamp against a sunny day

Ma’s plants

Flowers for Nichi

Live lens cap

Kuko ko.

Kadiri daw. Wala akong magagawa. Unlady-like talaga nails ko. Domeng, my high school friend, once said I’d be charged extra if I get my nails polished in a salon dahil masyadong malapad ang kuko ko, malakas sa nail polish!

Three's a Crowd

Scar ko.

Mas kadiri sa kuko ko. But it’s been a part of me for about 16 years now.

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