Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Waking up on the Wrong Side of the Day

If there’s one thing I detest most in the list of things I detest most, it’s this: being awakened to open the door for someone who’s so insensitive to come home at the wrong hour of the day, especially when I know that I have to get up and be alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic for work the following day or a few hours after the wrong hour.

And, yes, I once again fell victim to this scheme like I always do.

No silent button in my cellphone will spare me some more precious time of sleep. Not when people still practice knocking coupled by the irritating calling of names, my name.

I love my name. I really do. If I love it some more, I’d have to marry it. But if I have to hear it again in the attempt to interrupt my sleep, I swear I’d find the next priest to baptize me with a new name.

I don’t think I’d abhor hearing my name more than when I hear someone calling me and in the process, messing up with my subconscious just to rouse me from bed for pure inconsiderate reasons.

And the knocking? Don’t get me started with the knocking.

The thing is, it is not OK to come home at the wrong hours of the day especially if you don’t have your own set of keys to allow yourself inside the house. It is not fine to wake the most convenient person you live with when that person is undeniably asleep.

It’s just plain unethical and rude.

Some people really cannot afford to waste their time getting up for you when they ought to be availing their privilege to sleep to recharge for the next day’s rat race.

Some people, despite their ability to pull themselves out of sleep by one knock, one call of their name, or one phone ring deserve respect especially in their sleep. (Those who don’t get this are the “some people” who don’t deserve the respect I speak of.)

I need my sleep and I certainly demand respect during my slumber hours.

Why does it seem that people around me don’t get that?

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