Monday, January 21, 2008

What went wrong?

What went wrong?

My day that’s what.

I felt my brain cells die when a moronic motor biker carelessly varoomed his carbon monoxide-spewing muffler directly to the jeepney I was riding which was caught in paralyzed traffic. I am afraid I may no longer be able to remember my future grandnieces’ and grandnephews’ names. The cells that ought to permit me do so were casualties to the now proverbial air pollution.

To save myself from an impeding bad half-of-the-day, I gave up from my one and a half hour futile battle to impossible traffic. I cannot function well if I start my day cursing the land where I live. It’s one thing to be caught in traffic. It’s another thing to be trapped in one.

I checked in to obscurity if only to detach myself from this planet for a while.

Then I went off to the day’s next mission. As it turns out, I need not be where I bothered myself to go. My day has been totally wasted. It topped the day’s crappy events.

To rid myself of all things negative, I checked myself in a beauty and wellness center and had someone strip my face off of all possible bad elements sticking through my every pore. For a few hundred pesos, I was able to buy peace and good hygiene. Both of which prove to be a luxury in our time.

I set off to my final stop to grab a couple of items from St. Francis Square. But what do you know? An emergency of sort hindered me from entering its premises. As it turns out, something is burning inside target destination, thus explaining the fuss punctuated by fire trucks and an ambulance. All the customers and tenants crowded St. Francis Square’s portals.

Another of the day’s disappointments.

Sometimes, things that go wrong are not limited to once or twice a day. I’m just glad it did not go past four times.

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