Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Wasn’t Half as Bad

Our Christmas wasn’t half as bad as feared it to be. It’s different alright but it wasn’t awful.

It helped that the oldest of my brothers was determined to keep our Christmas the way it used to be. He put up our Christmas tree four days before Christmas. He even summoned his friends the following day to decorate our sad tree. And they did pull it off. The decorated tree, I mean.

My only contribution to our tree this year is the hanging of a green ball ornament at the center top of our tree. Of course it represents Nichi, our green-color-loving angel.

We went through our usual gift-giving moment but I have to admit that it was undeniably gloomy despite the smile we were trying to display.

We also had our family picture taken.

But there’s something wrong with the picture so we did a re-take.

So that’s our Christmas for this year. It wasn’t half as bad as I expected it to turn out, but I’m positive that I’ve had better Christmases than it.

Oh well…

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