Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bonggang Bongga si Obama!

Looks like the United States of America will be welcoming its first black president. This says a lot about the status of racial acceptance in the US--a good sign of maturity on the nation the world constantly looks up to.

I was personally vying for Obama, not that my opinion counts. For one, he looks sexier than McCain. (Don't you agree?) Hah! And of course I am all for the color. I believe it'll stir things up in the land which is supposed to be flowing with milk and honey (never mind the recession). I saw Obama delivering his speech in one of his last campaigns. A lot of conviction there. I imagine emotional American voters in tears while cheering for him. His campaign sortee pimps can easily relax.

Barack is all for America. He promises to improve on the US health care system, the flawed system we have seen in John Q. Now, Americans can get sick whenever they like. (Kidding.)

But then, the latest buzz says that Obama is against America's outsourcing of services from other countries like ours. Well, he, of course, thinks that his people should be prioritized in the US job market, the opposite of what outsourcing is all about. Until he does something about it, Pinoys in the Call Center industry can only cross their fingers. (My plea: Mr. Obama, please be kind. Don't take it (irate callers?) away from us. We have to feed our families, too.)

Former Pinoy Senator, Ernesto Maceda, however, assures the public that it'll be virtually impossible for US companies to do away with services outsourced in the Philippines. Afterall, we provide them with quality labor at a very low price. Well, I hope Maceda is right.

Besides, Barack ought to have a heart for people like us. I know Superman has.

I can't imagine how the soon-to-be-most powerful man in the United States and, maybe even, in the world is celebrating right now. His is sure to go down in history as one of the best wins in a presidential race.

Obama has less than two months to get his act together and be the president he promised to be.

Until then, we''ll just have to wait how he performs after he takes his oath of office as the president of the United States of America come January 20. 2009.

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