Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last Sunday I Broke My Lucky Charm

The last time I was with my friends (which was a month ago), we set out to buy each other charm bracelets to hopefully turn our fortunes around—to shoo away bad luck for one of us, to bring good health to another, and attract a career for me.

But since we were not that lucky, we were not able to find a store that’ll sell us our target merchandise. See? We really need those lucky charms.

Last Saturday, in the midst of my OC attack, I found the Chinese glass phone trinket given to me by my college professor (or was he an instructor?) who was obsessed with Chinese culture. He was my “dad” at our class Kris Kringle. (I was Agent Sydney Bristow. My baby was Digna. Hehe.) He said the trinket will bring me luck.

Having that in mind, I placed the trinket at my right pocket and decided to attach it to my phone when I go downstairs. (My phone seldom goes with me when I’m at home. It is usually stationed beside Nichi’s photo downstairs, if not inside the study table in my room.)

I forgot about the trinket. The way I was reminded about it was, at the risk of sounding redundant, unlucky.

While relieving myself in the bathroom that afternoon, the trinket dropped on the tile floor just as I was pulling up my pants. There was a hole in my pocket and the trinket slipped.

The Chinese figure broke its neck; the string holder got detached. My lucky charm got maimed in seconds.

There goes my luck. I thought.

Then this day happened.



Post Script:

I composed the draft for this piece using MS Word. I was about to hit the “save” button after entering the filename when my mom accidentally pulled the PC’s plug. MS word wasn’t able to recover the file upon re-starting because it was, well “corrupted.”

I had to retype the whole thing the way I remembered writing them.

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