Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let’s Make a Brave Bunch of Kids Extra Happy this Christmas—Again!

Last year, we were able to make a little over 150 children extra happy by handing them Christmas gifts (containing a drawing book, coloring book, pencils, eraser, sharpener, box of crayons, and sticker sheets), painting their faces with fancy characters and figures, and giving out sculptured balloons—all of which were made possible by a number of generous hearts who supported our cause.

The 150+ warm smiles we saw were definitely well-deserved by the brave bunch of kids from the hematology department of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC). They are the 150+ (estimate count) extra special children, ages 2 to 12, who, at their tender age, are faced with life-threatening illnesses such as Leukemia, Thalassemia, and tumors.

This year, let’s give these children another set of gifts that will keep them busy while waiting to be treated at the PCMC-Out Patient Department (OPD), or while being homebound due to the sensitivity of their health. Our target gifts this time are children’s books which have the power to both entertain and enrich the young minds of the bravest kids on earth.

As of the moment, we are coordinating with publishers of contemporary Filipino children’s books to give us a generous discount on their merchandise in order to make it possible for us to acquire at least 150 books. (There is no word yet as to how much each book will cost.) Even then, we will greatly appreciate it if you will help us raise the sum that will allow us to purchase these books. (Any amount will do its magic to these kids.)

If you wish to give anything in kind (pencils, toys, etc.), we will appreciate it just the same and pack it with the books we are hoping to give away. We are sure that the children from the PCMC-Hema OPD will be glad and surprised to receive gifts they deserve yet never really expected.

We plan to purchase the books before December 15, wrap them on the third week of December (December 15-19), and distribute the gifts during the Christmas week (December 21-26). We hope that your contributions and donations will be in by then.

We are looking forward to your support. Thank you very much.


The family and friends of Nichi, a brave kid, turned angel

Interested parties may email me at (Please indicate "Happy kids this Christmas" on the subject line so that I won't take your email as spam by mistake. Thanks!)


Running Waters said...

Was that Nichi on the pic?! Oh my gosh!!!! :)

Happy to know you are honoring his memory by reaching out to these wonderful kids. Rock on Tye!!!

-tye- said...

Ay, Faith, hindi si Nichi yon.

Pero para na rin siyang si Nichi. :-)

(He's one of the patients at the PCMC)